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Finland and Åland

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The Autonomy Act devolves responsibility to Åland’s governing bodies for many of the tasks that are administered by national authorities in the rest of Finland. The judiciary, tax collection, customs, surveying and the coast guard, however, are the responsibility of the State.

The County Administration is the general Finnish Government agency in Åland. The Finnish Government’s representative in Åland is the Governor, who is appointed by the Finnish President in consultation with the Speaker of the Parliament of Åland. His duties involve chairing the Åland Delegation and opening and closing the sessions of the Parliament on behalf of the President.

The County Administration’s website (English)

On the webpage about Åland’s Parliament lagtinget you can read about how the legislative authority is divided between Åland and Finland.

The State Department of Åland is located in Statens ämbetshus in central Mariehamn.
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