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Media and Communications

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Mass media

Åland is a media-intensive society, with about 60 active journalists. There are two local newspapers, Tidningen Åland, which was founded in 1891, and Nya Åland, founded in 1981. Tidningen Åland is published six times a week. Nya Åland is published five days a week.

The publicly owned Ålands Radio och TV Ab produces Åland Radio and distributes Swedish and Finnish public-service radio and television. There are also commercial radio- and TV-channels.

The majority of Ålandic households have access to satellite channels via cable, yet surveys show that a majority prefer locally produced radio programmes and Swedish television.

Communications and IT

Good communications are crucial to the Åland economy and the local population due to Åland’s geographical location. In winter-time 20 ferries depart from Åland to Sweden and the Finnish mainland every day, but in summer the number rises to almost the double. Since 2004 there is also a service to Estonia. Although ferries are the dominating form of transport to Åland, there are also flights between Mariehamn and the Swedish and Finnish mainlands. Locally, the archipelago is served by publicly owned regional ferries which depart several times a day.

Åland has always been at the forefront of developments in information technology, and now has a broadband network that is accessible to almost the entire population. The mobile telephone network covers the main island as well as the archipelago.

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