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Åland has the right to pass laws in the area of education. The language of tuition in all local schools is Swedish. English language is obligatory, while Finnish, French and German are optional. The nine-year schooling provides a broad general education.

General education is provided in every municipality adn schools generally have students in grades 1-6 or grades 1-9. In Mariehamn and in the archipelago, schools have students in grades 1-9.

A three-year college/upper secondary-level education is provided in Åland with general education as well as professional training programmes (in areas such as Economics, Hotel and Restaurat Services, Technology, Shipping and Healthcare). The college/upper secondary-level studies give access to higher education.

The Åland University of Applied Sciences provides tertiary education. Programmes in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Marine Engineering, Navigation and Health and Caring Sciences result in Bachelor’s Degrees in respective field.


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