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The Municipalities

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Åland is divided into 16 municipalities. As local government is a regional concern, the rules relating to municipality self-government are contained in an Ålandic law, i.e. one passed by the Parliament. The municipalities’ decision-making power is exercised by the local council, which is elected through general elections for a term of four years. To be able to vote and be a candidate in municipal elections it is necessary to be of age, and to possess the right of domicile, or to have been a permanent resident in Åland during the year prior to election day.

Åland’s largest municipality is its only town, Mariehamn, which is home to over 40 per cent of the Islands’ population. Mariehamn was founded in 1861 and is the centre of political and economic activity in Åland. Out of the other municipalities on the main island, Jomala, Mariehamn’s neighbour, is the largest. The smallest municipality in Åland, and all of Finland, is Sottunga in the archipelago.

Links to the Municipalities’ Websites

Brändö (English)
Eckerö (Swedish, link to some information in English)
Finström (English)
Föglö (some information in English)
Geta (some information in English)
Hammarland (Swedish only)
Jomala (Swedish only)
Kumlinge (Swedish only)
Kökar (English)
Lemland (Swedish only)
Lumparland (Swedish only)
Mariehamn (Swedish only)
Saltvik (English)
Sottunga (English)
Sund (information mostly in Swedish)
Vårdö (English)

Torggatan the main shopping street in Mariehamn, Åland's only town.
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