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Here you will find some basic information in case you are moving to Åland or have recently moved here, simply follow our headings for some useful tips and further links. If you are currently living in one of the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland) and are considering moving to Åland, there is a special information service Hallå Norden available in Swedish and Finnish. There is also a basic checklist that you might want to consult. If you are looking for employment in Åland, you can find more information on the website Åland Living. Please click here for information in other languages.

Kompassen, information office for those who have recently moved to Åland, is located together with Medis at Styrmansgatan 1. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 13-15 Tel. +358 18 531641 Some of the websites we link to are only available in Swedish.

Please remember that you can always write an email in English with your question using the email addresses that are noted on the contact page of the websites.

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