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Åland basic facts

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Åland is a demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region in Finland with a right of self-government secured through international guarantees. The Åland Parliament passes laws in areas relating to the internal affairs of the region. The Åland Government is appointed by the Parliament and heads the administration of the autonomy. Elections to the Parliament are held every four years. In order to vote and stand for local parliament elections you first have to acquire right of domicile. This is not required in order to vote in municipal elections that are also held every four years.

In Åland you are never far away from water and nature and the locals enjoy the outdoors. Everyone has the possibility to move around in nature, thanks to the so-called ‘allemansrätt’ (public right of access to privately owned land). However, there are some rules that you need to familiarise yourself with before venturing out. Hunting and fishing require a permit/license.

The Åland islands are bustling with activity and the locals are engaged in many societies and associations, sports and various forms of cultural activities. Farming, fishing, shipping and tourism have for a long time dominated livelihood and the economy on Åland. There are many entrepreneurs and self-employed persons with small businesses on the islands. For more information click here.

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