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Childcare (age 1-6)

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Every child is entitled to childcare if their parent or guardian is working, studying or a job seeker and registered with the social security bureau (FPA). A fee is charged for child care services. The fees are based on the size of your family and your income. Please submit your application for a place four months before your child will need the place. Applications may be submitted all year, preferably well before the start of term. The application period is about two weeks if you are in employment and four months for job seekers. Contact your municipality for more information.

Child minding

For young children. A child minder takes care of up to four children of different ages at their own home.

Group child minding

Two child minders working together take care of up to eight children.

Nursery/daycare centre

For children aged 1-7. There are daycare centres in all Åland municipalities.

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