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Staying home with children

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If you are not working or studying and staying at home to care for your child, there are activities that you can participate in. Your child gets the opportunity to play with other children and you can meet other parents.

Attended playgrounds

In a number of municipalities there are attended outdoor playgrounds where children (aged 2-5) can stay up to 3 hours a day. Contact Folkhälsan (NGO working to promote social welfare and health) for more information.

Open daycare (“öppna förskolan”)

In Mariehamn there is an open daycare service run by the Åland Save the Children association. In the open daycare, the parents stay with their children during activities. Contact Save the Children Åland Rädda Barnen på Åland r.f. for more information. The NGO Folkhälsan på Åland organises a lot of activities for children and families. Visit their website for more information. Local libraries and churches also organise activities for children and families. Please contact your municipality for contact details.

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