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Previous work experience and diplomas

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When you apply for a job or want to enrol for a course or training, it is important that you can prove (validate) earlier knowledge and experience. The adult education section of Åland gymnasium can assist you with validation. For more information and contact details please consult the website of the Åland gymnasium.

Degrees from other countries

If you have obtained your degree outside of Finland you will need an official decision as to whether your degree will qualify for a certain job or place of study.

Regulated professions

For certain professions it is regulated by law what qualifications are required for them. These professions are called regulated professions. They include posts within child care, social care and library and teaching/education professions. The right to work with a regulated profession within EES and Switzerland is regulated by various EU directives (laws). If you have obtained a university or higher degree outside of Finland and intend to work in Åland within a regulated profession you should contact the general bureau at the education and culture department of the government of Åland for more information. For professions within medicine and healthcare, please contact the Finnish authority Valvira.

Further studies

If you have obtained a diploma or university degree abroad and would like to continue studying in Åland, please contact the Åland University of Applied Sciences.

Private sector jobs

For positions within the private sector it is usually the employer who will judge whether a diploma or degree obtained abroad provides relevant qualification for the job.

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