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Rights and rules at work

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Occupational health and safety (Arbetarskydd)

In Åland there is an inspector working for the national occupational health and safety administration, overseeing the workplaces in Åland. The responsibilities include rules of engagement/conduct at the workplace such as employment contracts, pay and work conditions, working hours and time for rest, equal treatment and minimum wage. The inspector’s responsibilities also include overseeing the working conditions for foreign workers. The occupational health and safety administration oversees the safety in the workplace and investigates work-related accidents and occupational illnesses.

If you want advice or counselling in these areas you can contact the office of the inspector. Please note that special visiting hours apply. Consultations and inspections are mainly free of charge.

Visiting address:
Arbetarskyddet (State Administration Building on Åland)
Torggatan 16B, Mariehamn
Tel +358 29501 8000 (switchboard)

Trade unions

In Åland there are a number of trade unions represented. Contact them directly for questions relating to working conditions or membership. (list of trade unions)

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