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Tax card

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Tax card

In order to work or receive unemployment benefits, you will need a tax card. This can be obtained from the Tax Office in the State Administration Building (Torggatan 16A, Mariehamn). You need to bring a valid ID (passport or ID card) and proof of previous income with you.

Tax number

In order to work in the construction sector, regardless of your profession, you will need a tax number. If you have a tax card, the number will be displayed on this.

If you have a tax-at-source card, which you will receive if you have temporary employment for less than six months, you will need to visit the tax office in person, as the tax-at-source card does not display your tax number.

For more information visit the
Tax Office (State Administration Building)
Torggatan 16A, Mariehamn
tel 020 612 001

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