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Healthcare – new!

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telephone +358 18 5355

Information about healthcare for those who have just moved to Åland

What healthcare are you entitled to in Åland?

Everyone resident in Åland is entitled to public healthcare.

Information about the municipalities of Åland elsewhere on this website

Otherwise you are only entitled to emergency healthcare. Emergency healthcare is received via the hospital’s emergency department or the health centres’ open access hours.

Emergency healthcare: Emergency illnesses or injuries requiring immediate care.

How does healthcare work in Åland?

Åland’s healthcare service, ÅHS, is responsible for all public healthcare in Åland. There is one hospital in Åland, in Mariehamn.

ÅHS switchboard: 5355

Healthcare services are divided into:

  • primary healthcare
  • specialist healthcare

Primary healthcare

Primary healthcare covers:

  • common illnesses
  • standard medication

Primary healthcare services also offer preventive healthcare so that you can live as healthy and good a life as possible.

Primary healthcare is open to everyone regardless of illness, age group or patient group. You need no referral for primary healthcare.

Contact primary healthcare services for

  • your physical and mental health
  • common illnesses not requiring specialist care
  • standard medication
  • pregnancy
  • your child’s health
  • sexual health and contraception
  • help to lose weight
  • help to stop smoking

The following are part of primary healthcare services:

  • health centres
  • outpatient clinics
  • home nursing
  • sexual health clinics
  • personal and occupational healthcare
  • paediatric clinics
  • maternity clinics
  • student healthcare

Specialist healthcare

Specialist healthcare is care intended for specific medical areas such as, for example, surgery, gynaecology and ear/nose/throat.

Specialist healthcare includes specialist clinics and care departments.

You need a referral from a doctor in primary healthcare to see a medical specialist.


You are entitled to interpretation when you see a doctor or nurse at ÅHS. If necessary, a telephone interpreting service in your language will be available. Let the service know in advance whether you will require an interpreter.

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