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Contraception and sexual health

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Pregnancy can be prevented by using contraception. There are both over-the-counter and prescription contraceptives.

Condoms are an over-the-counter contraceptive. Condoms protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can be purchased in shops, and at petrol stations, kiosks and pharmacies.

Contraceptives containing hormones can only be obtained on prescription. The staff at the clinic will check that you know how to use them and follow up with you.

If you have trouble with or have forgotten to use contraception, you can purchase emergency contraceptive pills at the pharmacy. This should be taken as quickly as possible after sex, but no later than 120 hours afterwards.

Everyone aged 25 or under can obtain free morning-after pills from the sexual health clinic or purchase them without a prescription from the pharmacy.

Sexual health clinics

At the sexual health clinic, you can:

  • seek personal advice about contraception, pregnancy/abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • obtain a referral for certain tests, e.g. for chlamydia
  • receive treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • have your coil checked
  • have your coil removed, if necessary

You can make an appointment at the sexual health clinic either alone or together with your partner.

Everyone can make an appointment at the sexual health clinic regardless of age. The visit is free for everyone under the age of 25, and charged in accordance with ÅHS’ fees for those over the age of 25. You do not need your parents’ permission. You may also discuss contraception with the school nurse.

All women aged 25–60 whose home municipality is in Åland will be called in for cervical screening every five years.

Cervical screening: Cell samples taken from the cervix for the purpose of identifying cell changes early and thereby preventing cervical cancer.

Nurses, midwives and doctors work at the clinic.

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