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Paediatric health

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The paediatric clinic offers free monitoring of your child’s health to ensure normal growth, a stable childhood, and to identify illnesses or risk of illnesses in your child as early as possible.

Paediatric clinics

The paediatric clinic will monitor all children aged 0–6.

You must contact the paediatric clinic yourself if you want an appointment.

Contact information for the paediatric clinic in your municipality can be found on ÅHS’ website

The paediatric clinic’s nurses and doctors

  • will perform health check-ups to monitor your child’s growth and development
  • will support you by answering questions about your child’s health
  • will vaccinate your child free of charge in accordance with the national vaccination programme
  • will support parents and provide advice on matters related to parenthood.

Your child will attend the paediatric clinic in the municipality where the child’s home address is.

Child psychologist

The psychologist at the paediatric clinic will see children aged 0–6 and their families if the child has trouble at home, at daycare or in contact with other children. The psychologist will investigate the child’s development if the child’s behaviour and/or development gives cause for concern compared to children the same age.

You will only see the psychologist after a check-up or once an appointment is made via the nurse at the paediatric clinic.

The psychologist works for the paediatric clinics in the province. The office is at Mariehamn’s paediatric clinic.

School health service

When your child starts school, the school health service will continue to monitor your child’s health.

Each school in Åland has its own school nurse who performs check-ups on each student every year. You can contact your child’s school nurse if you have any questions about your child’s health.

Studying in Åland

You are entitled to healthcare via Studerandehälsan (Student Health) if you are a student at Åland Lyceum, Åland Vocational Gymnasium, Åland University of Applied Sciences or Åland Folk High School.

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