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If you think that you are pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests can be purchased from pharmacies or normal grocery stores. You can also do a pregnancy test at your health centre, school nurse’s office or healthcare clinic in your municipality.

Maternity clinics

Call the maternity clinic in your home municipality if you are pregnant. Please call them directly if you know that you are pregnant. If you live in North Åland, call the clinic in Godby. If you live in South Åland or in Mariehamn, call the clinic in Mariehamn.

The mother-to-be must contact the maternity clinic in order to receive child benefit and maternity support from the Social Insurance Institution.

The maternity clinic offers free monitoring of your pregnancy so that you can be sure that you and your child are well.

Your partner is also welcome to attend.

If necessary, a telephone interpreting service will be organised before your visit.

At the maternity clinic, you will receive support in connection with any questions you may have about

  • the pregnancy
  • childbirth
  • the period following childbirth
  • breastfeeding
  • impending parenthood

The maternity ward will organise childbirth preparation for parents-to-be.

Midwives, nurses and doctors work at the clinic.

Contact information for the paediatric clinic in your municipality can be found on ÅHS’ website


If you are pregnant but want to terminate the pregnancy, you can contact

  • the health centre
  • the sexual health clinic
  • the school nurse or
  • the gynaecology outpatient clinic.

If you want an abortion, you must always see a doctor at least once.

An abortion can be performed medically or surgically depending on how far along your pregnancy is.

An abortion cannot be performed any later than 12 weeks after you became pregnant.

If you would like, you can receive counselling in connection with the abortion.


You will give birth in the hospital’s maternity department. The department is open 24 hours.

You will get acquainted with the maternity department and delivery room via the maternity clinic before it is time for you to give birth. You will also receive information on when you should come into the maternity department.

The father, your partner or a friend may accompany you during the delivery.

If the delivery makes you feel anxious or scared, you can receive help to manage this fear via the maternity clinic.

Home births are not recommended.

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