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When you fall ill

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Emergency situations

Call 112:

  • in the event of life-threatening illness or injury
  • if you need an ambulance and immediate help

Emergency illness

The hospital’s emergency department will receive those who

  • are seriously ill
  • are severely injured
  • have severe psychological disorders

The emergency department is open 24 hours.

In the event of emergency illness: call 112

Health centres

When you fall ill or need a check-up, contact a health centre in the first instance.

If you live in North Åland, you will visit Godby Health Centre. Those in other municipalities should contact Mariehamn Health Centre.

Mariehamn Health Centre:
Open weekdays 8 am–4 pm
Weekends 9 am–4 pm
Tel.: +358 18-538 500

Godby Health Centre
Open Mon–Thurs 8 am–4 pm
Tel.: +358 18-535 819

North Åland:

You can book an appointment to see a GP or nurse to

  • check up on a common illness
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • be referred for specialist healthcare
  • have a wound dressed
  • have stitches removed
  • investigate whether you are ill
  • have your blood pressure taken
  • receive a vaccination
  • other

Make an appointment by:

  • calling the health centre’s appointment booking service, or
  • visiting the health centre’s reception.

When you book an appointment, a nurse will assess whether you need to see a doctor or a nurse. In Åland a nurse can provide care for several illnesses.

Call healthcare information at the health centre if

  • you are not sure whether you require care
  • you have questions about your illness or medications
  • you have questions about your health
  • you want self-care tips

Healthcare Information
Tel.: +358 18-538 500

The health centres in Åland can provide healthcare information during the day. If you require emergency healthcare information during the evening or night, call the emergency clinic.

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