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Public healthcare on Åland is provided by Åland’s Public Healthcare Service (ÅHS). There is one hospital, located in the northern part of Mariehamn and healthcare clinics in most municipalities. You will be charged a fee when you visit the doctor or nurse. If you fall ill, you should first telephone a healthcare centre or healthcare clinic.
Website of the ÅHS:
Telephone to the switchboard +358 18 5355

Healthcare centres with doctor’s clinic are available in
Mariehamn – Åland Central Hospital, tel. +358 18 538 500
Godby (Finström municipality) – Godby centrum, tel. +358 18 535 819

Healthcare clinics are available in most municipalities. They provide mother and child healthcare, as well as some other healthcare services.


Dial 112 in case of a serious accident or illness. You will then reach staff at the Alarm Central who will assess the situation and send out suitable transport or connect you further. If you are sick or injured and the healthcare centre or clinic is not open, contact the Emergency Room at the hospital in Mariehamn. It is open 24 hours.


To see a psychiatrist you usually need a referral (request) from another doctor. You can contact the switchboard of the Åland Public Healthcare Service (ÅHS) for more information.
There are two psychiatric departments:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatry clinic (BUP)
  • Adult psychiatry clinic (age over 20 years)

Telephone to the ÅHS’ switchboard +358 18 5355


There is public and privat dental care in Åland. To see the dentist in Åland you will need a Finnish peronal identity code (see section on registration). Public dental care is available to children and youth (up until the year you turn 28). For more information, please see
Other persons are referred to private dental care. There are a number of dentists listed in the yellow pages of the phone book or on the internet, e.g. and

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE)

There are a lot of ticks in Åland and there is a risk of catching tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). Vaccines are available. Everyone who is registered on Åland as resident is entitled to three doses of vaccine free of charge. After the three initial doses you have to pay for your vaccinations. Contact the public healthcare service (ÅHS) for more information.

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