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Authorities in Åland

Below is a list of links to authorities in Åland.

Åland Living An information and recruitment website, which aims at increasing interest in Åland. Contains useful information about job opportunities and living conditions in Åland.

Data Inspection Board (Swedish only) The Data Inspection Board works to secure that personal integrity is not violated by public authorities while handling personal data.

Discrimination Ombudsman (Contact information) The Discrimination Ombudsman works to promote equality. The goal is that nobody will be discriminated because of ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disabilities, age or sexual orientation.

Motor Vehicle Office (Swedish only) The Motor vehicle Office is responsible for vehicle inspection (mot), vehicle registration, driver’s exam and boat registration.

Ombudsman for Children in Åland (Swedish) The Ombudsman for Children monitors children’s rights in Åland. You can contact the Ombudsman for Children to get guidance on how to act and where to turn in cases when you suspect that a child might run a risk of mistreatment.

State Department of Åland (Part of the website in English) The State Department of Åland is a regional state authority led by the provincial Governor. The State Department co-ordinates the activities of the state bodies in Åland regarding shared strategies for monitoring language interests, education within the State administration, public services and other shared interests.

Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB) (English) is the official statistics and research authority of Åland.

The Alarm Centre of Åland (Swedish only) 112 is the emergency number in Åland. 112 should be used in urgent situations where life, health, property or environment is in danger, or if there are reasons to believe that there is such danger.

The Government of Åland (Swedish only) is responsible for all areas of government in which the Autonomy Act devolves authority to Åland.

The Åland Cultural Delegation (Swedish only) The Åland Cultural Delegation is a politically appointed group which falls under the Government of Åland. It is tasked to promote and develop cultural life in Åland, which is done e.g. by awards, scholarships and allowances for cultural institutions, associations and individuals.

The Åland Labour Market and Student Service Authority (Ams) (Swedish only) Ams offer services and guidance on recruitment and study issues.

Åland Archipelago Board (Swedish only)

Åland Environmental and Health Protection Authority (Swedish only)

Åland Technology and Energy Center (Summary in English)

Ålands kommunförbund (Swedish only) Ålands kommunförbund is an interest- and employer organization for all municipalities in Åland, that works to promote the interests of the municipalities in Åland.

Ålands Miljöservice kf (Mise) (Swedish only) is an authority that handles waste management in Hammarland, Jomala, Kökar, Lumparland, Mariehamn and Sottunga.

Åland Public Healthcare Services (ÅHS) (Swedish only) ÅHS is responsible for the public healthcare in Åland. ÅHS provides healthcare to the population in Åland as well as visitors in all stages of life. From preventive care to specialized healthcare.

Ålandstrafiken (English) On Ålandstrafiken’s website you can find timetables for the archipelago ferries and the buses in Åland, as well as other information about ferry and bus traffic.

The Government of Åland's entrance for visitors.
The State Department of Åland is located in Statens ämbetshus in central Mariehamn.
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